The Traditional Feasts of Mykonos

Culture travellers and party people, this one is for you! Time to meet another dimension of entertainment in the no1 party-destination in Europe. Meet the traditional feasts of Mykonos.
Feasts are a traditional custom that dates back to ancient times, originating to the worship of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. Rolling back to history, the festive spirit of Mykonos finds its roots in antiquity, since Dionysus was the patron saint of Mykonos, as it is proved in the ancient coins discovered. Despite the modern lifestyle in Mykonos, Mykonian people devoutly preserve their folkways. Among the locals, the most favourite way of having fun and expressing their generous hospitality are the small feasts, that take place outdoors around small private churches -almost every mykonian house has a humble, small church in its yard. It’s there were families gather and receive relatives, friends or even island visitors that want to join. Everyone is invited!




People are offered treats or even dinner, with traditional delicacies such as stew meat, meatballs, cod with garlic sauce, louza and sausages, always accompanied with abundant local wine, traditional music with violin, sambouna and toumbaki and dance all night.  These festivities are perfect opportunities to experience a glimpse of the local customs and traditions that are still preserved on the island of Mykonos. They are also ideal for tasting some of the most characteristic local delicacies. Enjoy!

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