Nestled in an exclusive sandy beach in Agios Ioannis , protected from the famed Mykonos winds, swim in blissful seclusion while facing the glistening blue Aegean. With our supersized loungers on two tiers, the beach vibe balances the chilled and the energised.

Days drift by yacht-watching under a shady canopy, people-watching at the bar as dusk gilds the horizon, stargazing with a champagne cocktail in the company of a glowing, easy-going crowd. Laidback lunches linger on into evening, and lively dinners stretch into the small hours. Sunbeds are transformed into sharing sofas after dark, perfect for spontaneous gatherings at our Beach Lounge. Whether you arrive by yacht, take a complementary transfer from our sister hotel, or stroll over from your suite, you’ll be immersed in the alluring energy of our exclusive beach.

Guests of both Bill and Coo hotels have priority access to our exclusive beach at Bill & Coo Coast Suites and complementary transfer between the premises.

Opening June 1st, 2022. Please contact us for more information at

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