Step into the Bill & Coo way of life and be part of our Well Being world with our Spa Suites Concept designed to touch you and elevate you.
Wellness Spa Programs

Anti-Jet-lag Ritual – 120minutes
Welcome style travelers. As most of you out there will know, as wonderful as jet setting around the globe is, it does come with one rather negative factor. Jet Lag. You know how tricky it is to recover. Our ritual offers a quick way to bring you back to reality and enjoy your stay. Starting with a warm bath into our Jacuzzi followed by a foot cleanse and an exfoliation. A focus massage on your feet to increase circulation will end up with a nice hydrating facial massage to bring oxygen to your face and brain.

Detox- cleansing Ritual – 150minutes
Surrender to this deeply detoxifying remedy and experience the energy of inner cleansing. Detoxification starts with a nice warm bath and continues with a wrap containing 3 tea extracts to assist in the elimination of toxins. Purification is increased with the body sculptor massage combining special movements and application of Valmont slimming products. The ritual ending up with a beauty flash. This treatment is ideally suited to refine your skin & boost the metabolism.

After -Sun Soothing Ritual – 150minutes
After a long day of sun bathing, this treatment is designed to soothe, protect and nourish your sun-damaged skin and hair.
Begin with an immersion in water at Jacuzzi to naturally soften your skin and continue with a message using a nourishing oil.
Finish with a Sun Repair short facial to restore and strengthen your skin
natural defense, resulting in a clear and even skin tone and complete this
ritual with a hair treatment to regain shine, strength and density.

Celebration Package for couple- 180minutes
Indulge in a spa suite ritual complete with a Jacuzzi session, a skin exfoliation, a full body massage with luxury organic Kos-Paris oils and a Valmont Regenerating facial, for a 3-hour celebration, complemented by Champagne and seasonal fruits salad.

Beauty & Wellness Discovery Package – 4 days
Our commitment to a healthier lifestyle totally reflects into our 4 days wellness program specially designed to meet the needs of an international traveler. You can use the precious time allowed in vacation to take care of a particular health concern or to improve greatly your inner balance and make the most of your stay at Bill & Coo Hotels.

The program includes daily use of the Wellness Spa Suite for one hour plus a selection of our top treatments for total renewal of body and mind.

Day 1: Initiation to Valmont Skin care program 60minutes
Day 2: Renewing Holistic package 60minutes
Day 3: Ancient-Greek massage 90minutes
Day 4: Vitality of the Glaciers face treatment 90minutes


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