Step into the Bill & Coo way of life and be part of our Well Being world with our Spa Suites Concept designed to touch you and elevate you.
Body Massages with KOS-PARIS Organic Luxury Oils

Kos-Paris luxury organic oils are the ideal complement to Valmont high-end profile in skin care. Delicate summery scents surround guests while blends of rare oils like camellia, jojoba, apricot oils with almond and grape seed oils, from all over the world, protect, nourish, firm, soothe and hydrate the skin.
Kos-Paris Products are paraben-free, mineral oil-free and silicon-free.

Focus massage – 30minutes

Back, Therapeutic, Reflexology
This massage allows the therapist to focus on a specific area of the body (head, back & shoulders, legs, feet) to deliver the appropriate treatment.

Hot Stones massage treatment – 80minutes

Indulge in one of the best spa experience, the hot stones massage. The relaxing power of manual massage is enhanced by the use of energetic stones, used as an extension of therapist hands and by placing them on the body.

Holistic relaxing massage – 60minutes / 90minutes

Choose your own massage oil between a vast array of Kos organic and natural massage oils (Flowers of the Islands, Dream oil, Verbena-citrus) in order to enchant your senses. Massage with light pressure.

Ancient Greek massage -60minutes / 90minutes

Following an ancient technique inherited from Hippocrates, this massage connects you with a millenary tradition and is an authentic Greek treat. This strong pressure massage is done with Kos Eucalyptus oil.


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