Bill & Coo Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Mykonos Island. The luxury Bill & Coo hotel is a member of Leading Hotels of the world and famous for the its gastronomical experience around the world. It is considered one of the best hotels in Mykonos.

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Beefbar Mykonos

Beefbar breaks tradition with the rigid codes of high end steakhouses. Riccardo envisioned a destination for discerning carnivores with a modern feel.
The concept works on contrasts: unpretentious food yet extremely high quality products.
The architecture is both sober & luxurious.

The atmosphere is both familiar & stylish. The service both impeccable & discrete.
Re ecting a cosmopolitan culture, Beefbar doesn’t offer a meat experience only based on steaks but through a multitude of raw, cooked & cured meats. Our discerning clientele simply wants to have a good time sharing their culinary discoveries.

Beefbar is now a recognised name with the well travelled set who know they can experience their favorite dishes with the same standard of quality and avor in as far apart places as Monaco, Mykonos, or Hong Kong…
“Here, the new concept of luxury is experienced more than displayed.”

The Food

A menu based on simplicity and quality ingredients is divided into 3 axes:


Small portions to share and discover new avours.
A selection based on the most popular and simple street food from around the world but made with the most exclusive products such as pure Japanese Kobe beef. Prepared in an open kitchen and served in a stylish and laid presentation that invites sharing.


Discover the best cuts selection specially chosen by Giraudi: Black Angus from Argentina & USA, Australian Wagyu, Japanese Kobe, and Milk fed Veal from Holland and Belgium. Beefbar developed its own patented method of cooking in order to achieve a crispy meat seal and tender juicy heart.
Taste also our exclusive in-house created dishes such as our Gourmet Burgers or Kobe Short Rib Ravioli.


To accompany each cut, there are over fteen delicious purees -a house specialty- cooked delicately and according to your desires with a selection of choice in spices and condiments : jalapeño, truf es, gravy and Guérande salt, caviar and many more.
We have also crafted a variety of dishes for those who look for other experiences other than beef. With such other options as Farm Chicken from France, Milk Fed Veal from Holland, Lobster, Turbot, and a variety of Tuna tartares, and ceviches our menu becomes a complete gastronomical experience.
The Souf é Maison with avours like Stracciatella and Caramel with eur de sel has become the preferred dessert to end in a soft and delightful way the Beefbar experience.

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