Enjoy Paradisiacal Cocktails

Taste the smooth and refreshing signature cocktails of Bill & Coo Lounge Bar within a stylish, cosmopolitan yet relaxed in ambience beside our infinity pool.

Settle into a sun lounger by the pool and glance at the seascape as you unwind.

Bill & Coo Lounge Bar serves an array of island-style cocktails and light snacks, perfect to indulge in while watching the world – known Mykonian ocean sunsets.

Innovative, mixologist-crafted cocktails are infused with fruits and herbs and are served alongside native – inspired shared platters to create a culinary adventure that is as inspiring as it is memorable. Lounge music and the dazzling water create the backdrop to Bill & Coo’s Lounge Bar, making this the most excellent place to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Blend the energy of the summer with mouth teasing flavors and indulge your thirst with exotic drinks prepared in an extraterrestrial scenery.

from 12:00 PM
Live #MykonosLessOrdinary
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