ANTIGONE by Sophocles

Theatre performance in English. From June 11th – Sept 11th 2016. At The Cultural Center of KDEPPAM, Chora MYKONOS


The performance is in English, with professional actors from Athens directed by the stage director Lefteris Giovanidis. The venue (KDEPPAM) is a 100 years old historic building, easy to find, in the center of the city of Mykonos .

Mykonos acquires permanent theater scene this summer, with the initiative of KDEPPAM and under the auspices of the Municipality and Ministry of Tourism. It presents “Antigone” by Sophocles regarded as the most complete of the surviving ancient Greek tragedies. It’s a great opportunity and an important experience for our country’s visitors to see the classical drama of “Antigone” and to meet a part of our culture.


Except from the booked performances, every MONDAY – WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY and SATURDAY at 9:00 p.m. we are going to have an extra performance, for everyone on the island who wishes to see it. The theatre is indoors, it can seat up to 120 people at a time and it is fully air-conditioned.


The Creative team:
Translation & Direction: Lefteris Giovanidis
Set Design: Constantinos Zamanis
Choreography: Ermis Malkotsis
Costume Design: Ioanna Tsami
Music and Chorus Coach: Thanasis Vlanianos
Music Programming and Sound Engineering: Apostolos Theodosiou
Light Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos
Assistant Director: Danai Epithymiadi

The Cast: Alexandros Balamotis, Giannis Karaoulis, Sofia Kikilintzia, Panagiotis Panagopoulos and Virginia Tambaropoulou


Summary of the play:
In the aftermath of the civil war that ravaged the land, the two brothers that claimed the throne of Thebes are found dead in the battlefield, slain by each other’s hand. Their uncle and new ruler of the city, Creon, orders -under the punishment of death- that the body of Polynices, who fought against his motherland, shall be left unburied. Antigone, the youngest daughter of Oedipus and sister of the dead brothers rises up against this proclamation. The love for her brother and the moral code that she holds, forces her to dare and say ‘No’ and to forge ahead alone with a funeral. But this tenacious act will trigger a cycle of destruction. For her, for Creon and for their loved ones

Lefteris Giovanidis’ CV:
He had born in Athens in 1974. He had studied stage directing in New York. He had directed 30 plays. Except from Athens he had worked as a director also in Italy, Croatia, USA and UK. He had translated more than 15 plays in Greek and he had also adapted 5 books to plays. He had worked also as a theatre producer. He directed the metal ceremonies for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, and also other athletics ceremonies and events. The last four years he lives and works between Athens and New York.

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